Mahsa Amini. Iran restricts social media and millions go ‘offline’
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The 22-year-old’s death has sparked a wave of protests across the country – and the world.

Iran has restricted access to at least two social networks and left millions of people without internet, according to Reuters on Wednesday.

According to the regulator NetBlocks, some residents were unable to access Instagram or WhatsApp in the last few hours, of the few platforms still authorized in the country. One of the main communications operators has registered failures across the country, leaving millions of people unable to browse the internet.

The failures come almost a week after the death of Mahsa Amini, a young woman who died in Iranian police custody after moral authorities detained her for incorrectly wearing the hijab. The death of 22-year-old Mahsa sparked a wave of protests across the country – and the world – with many women – and men – demonstrating.

Videos of women cutting their hair and burning their hijabs at bonfires have emerged, as have protests across the country.

Following the demonstrations and the struggle for women’s rights – and human rights – eight people have already died, according to the Iranian authorities.

Days after Mahsa’s death, police called the incident an “unfortunate incident”. Under Iran’s sharia law, imposed after the 1979 revolution, women are required to cover their hair and wear baggy clothes to disguise their curves.

Source: With Agencies

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