Twitter whistleblower says there’s a Chinese spy inside the company
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Peiter “Mudge” Zatko, former head of security at Twitter, testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on data security at Twitter, on Capitol Hill, September 13, 2022. Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Peiter Zatko made statements before the US Senate Judiciary Committee.

Peiter Zatko, a security expert and former Twitter executive, appeared before the US Senate Judiciary Committee to provide statements regarding the former company’s security practices.

In addition to mentioning “basic systemic failures”, Zatko also claimed that there is at least one Chinese spy working on Twitter and that he reports directly to China’s Ministry of State Security.

“I became aware of this issue perhaps a week before I was discharged. I was told because the corporate security team had been contacted about there being at least one agent from the Ministry of State Security, which is one of the intelligence services on Twitter’s pay list,” Zatko said.

The security experts noted that the presence of these spies poses risks of various types to users of the platform, namely the possibility of gathering personal data.

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