Former CIA Director: If Putin Uses Nuclear Weapons, US Will Destroy All Russian Troops and Fleet in Black Sea
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“US will destroy troops and equipment in Ukraine, as well as sink the fleet in the Black Sea.” David Patraeus does not rule out this type of response from Washington if Putin resorts to nuclear in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin’s threats to use nuclear weapons are beginning to be replicated by the West, although not through official channels. Former CIA director David Petraeus warned in an ABC News interview quoted by The Guardian that if the Russian president uses his nuclear weapon, the US and allies will destroy all Russian troops and equipment in Ukraine, as well as sinking the entire fleet in the Black Sea.

In the same statements, Petraeus makes it clear, however, that he has not spoken with White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan about possible US responses to nuclear threats.

The former director of the CIA thus presented, in statements to ABC News, the hypotheses on the table, without compromising the Biden Administration. Petraeus explained that Article 5 of NATO (which would immediately require collective defense) would not be triggered, as Ukraine is not part of NATO, but “a joint US and NATO response would be a possibility”.

Petraeus recalls that the fact that the radiation resulting from this type of weapons can reach other countries, may allow the reading that it is an attack on NATO. “This is so horrible it cannot go unanswered. Nobody wants to get into an escalation that leads to a nuclear conflict. So it has to be shown that an attack of this kind will not be accepted in any way,” said the former CIA director.

With pressure from the Russian offensive following the annexation of four eastern Ukrainian provinces, and resistance to the mobilization order inside Russia, Petraeus says the Russian leader “is desperate”. “The reality of the battlefield is irreversible. No chaotic mobilization, no annexation, no amount of nuclear threats, even veiled, can get him [Putin] out of this situation. At some point this will have to be recognized [by Russia]. At some point there will have to be negotiations and that will be, as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said, the real end,” added the former director of the agency.

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