Explosion destroys only bridge connecting Crimea to Russia
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The bridge connecting mainland Russia to Crimea was partially destroyed last night after a powerful explosion damaged the structure. Moscow says the origin will be a car bomb and promises an investigation. Ukrainians celebrate but are not clear on claiming an attack.

According to a Russian local official, quoted by Moscow news agencies, it was about the explosion of seven wagons of a tanker train with fuel, having been cut off road traffic on the road-rail bridge opened in 2018. Two road lanes collapsed with the intensity of the explosion.

The bridge is a key access point that Russia built after it occupied and annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, in violation of international law.

“Today at 6.07 am (3.07 am GMT) on the road traffic side of the Crimean bridge … a car bomb exploded, setting fire to seven oil tanks transported by rail to Crimea,” Russian agencies reveal. , citing the national anti-terrorism committee.

A Kremlin spokesman says Putin ordered the creation of a commission to investigate the blast and the head of Russia’s installed regional parliament in Crimea, Vladimir Konstantinov, blamed “Ukrainian vandals” for the incident.

Russia had kept the bridge safe despite fighting in Ukraine, but had threatened Kyiv with reprisals if it was attacked. Whether it is established that Ukraine was behind the blast is a matter of great concern to Moscow as the bridge is far from the front line.

Ukrainians celebrate

Ukraine’s presidency chief of staff Andrii Podolyak tweeted a photo of a long section of the bridge half-submerged in water.

“Crimea, the bridge, the beginning,” he wrote. “Everything illegal must be destroyed, everything stolen must be returned to Ukraine, everything occupied by Russia must be expelled.”

Without claiming responsibility for the explosion, the secretary of the Ukrainian Security and National Defense Council, Oleksiy Danilov, posted on Twitter a montage with the juxtaposition of the image of the explosion, with the famous video of Marilyn Monroe singing congratulations to “Mr. , in an allusion to Vladimir Putin’s birthday, which was celebrated on Friday.

Source: With Agencies

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