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The new Italian prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, will make her first speech in parliament this Tuesday to present the government’s program and then submit to a vote of confidence in the Chamber of Deputies.

Giorgia Meloni, 45, the first woman to hold the post of head of government in Italy, will be sworn in by parliament after appearing for the first time in the Chamber of Deputies, where her speech is scheduled for 11:00 am on Tuesday ( 10:00 am in Lisbon), as agreed by the spokespersons of the parliamentary groups.

The session will be suspended between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm, so that Meloni can address the Senate, then return to the Chamber of Deputies, where a debate is scheduled between 5:00 pm and 5:30 pm, reports Europa Press.

At around 19:00, Meloni is expected to ask for the confidence of the Chamber and the result of the vote is scheduled for 20:30.

No surprises are to be expected, as the party led by the new prime minister, the far-right Brothers of Italy, and the allies of Liga e Força Italia, make up 228 of the 400 deputies that make up the chamber.

On Wednesday, Meloni will undergo the same procedure in the Senate.

With the investiture, the process of formation of the Government will be finished, after the victory of the leader of the extreme right in the elections of 25 of September, where she obtained the biggest vote (26%).

The leader of the Brothers of Italy took office on Saturday as Prime Minister, before the President of the Republic, in a ceremony that took place in the Hall of Feasts of the Quirinal Palace, in Rome.

Then Giorgia Meloni signed the decree appointing her, greeted the President of the Republic, Sérgio Mattarella, and presided over the swearing in of his 24 ministers.

The first to do so were its two vice-presidents, Matteo Salvini and Antonio Tajani, leaders, respectively, of the far-right League and the conservative Força Italia, the two parties of the right-wing coalition that won the elections in September 25th.

Salvini will also be responsible for Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, while Tajani will be responsible for Foreign Affairs.

Of the total of 24 ministries and one undersecretary of the Presidency (Alfredo Mantovano) of the Meloni government, eight will be for his party, four for the League and six for Força Italia, while six will be occupied by technicians.

A notorious Eurosceptic, Meloni has given up campaigning for Italy’s exit from the euro, but has vowed to defend her country’s interests more in Brussels — at a time when growth depends on nearly €200 billion of EU subsidies and loans to Italy, as part of its post-Covid-19 pandemic recovery fund.

Source: With Agencies

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