Putin places ‘Killjoy’ nuclear missile in Belarus. Can hit London in nine minutes

Information revealed by the UK. It is a hypersonic weapon and very difficult to stop.

A satellite image released by the British Ministry of Defense reveals that a Russian missile with nuclear capabilities was flown last week to Machulishchi airport in Belarus.


This missile, by name of Killjoy, is a hypersonic weapon and has been part of Putin’s arsenal since 2018. It has a range of almost 2000 km and, according to the British, can reach London in just nine minutes. In addition to the ability to carry a nuclear warhead, this missile is also capable of carrying more than 500 kg of explosives.

Also according to the British Ministry of Defence, this hypersonic missile has a maximum speed of 12 times the speed of sound and is capable of being launched from the air, which makes it difficult to detect or stop in a defensive posture, not least because the missiles HIMARS, produced by the USA and supplied for the defense of Ukraine, are slower for an eventual attempt of destruction of the Killjoy.

Source: With Agencies


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