According to a former CIA officer, Putin is strategically creating justifications to safeguard himself in the event of potential failure in the Ukraine conflict
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According to a former CIA officer who spoke to CNN, Russian President Vladimir Putin is seemingly preparing potential justifications in case the Russian invasion of Ukraine reaches a stalemate or his troops face defeat.

In recent statements made to journalists, Putin acknowledged that Russian forces in Ukraine were using inferior weaponry and emphasized the urgent need to increase the production of modern weapons for frontline troops. Specifically, he highlighted the shortage of high-precision ammunition and attack drones during a conversation with Russian military bloggers and state media war correspondents on Tuesday.

These remarks represent a notable change in Putin’s stance, as he had previously boasted about the superiority of Russia’s arsenal.

During his appearance on CNN, Steven Hall, a former senior CIA official, suggested that Putin seemed to be intentionally managing expectations of a Russian victory in Ukraine. Hall pointed to the Russian historical context, where leaders who faced failed or inconclusive wars often did not retain power afterward.

Hall posed an intriguing question, wondering if Putin is contemplating the potential outcomes and assessing the possibility of not achieving a clear victory. Instead, he may be considering the prospect of a drawn-out conflict or a frozen conflict scenario. In such circumstances, Putin would be pondering political survival and seeking ways to navigate a smooth transition. Hall speculated that Putin might be attempting to mentally prepare the Russian population for these eventualities while strategizing a soft landing for himself.

The Kremlin had initially anticipated a swift takeover of Ukraine following its invasion in February 2022. However, the conflict has transformed into a grueling war of attrition in the occupied territories of south and east Ukraine.

Until late last year, Putin reportedly maintained confidence in Russia’s ability to gain control over most of Ukraine, despite encountering setbacks along the way. However, according to US intelligence officials who testified before Congress, Putin has now acknowledged that only more modest goals are achievable.

The nature of a potential victory that Putin could present to the Russian people remains uncertain. However, a stalemate or frozen conflict would likely be considered a disappointing outcome, especially considering the immense cost of the conflict in terms of casualties and economic impact on the country.

Insider reports have revealed that former intelligence officials believe a defeat in Ukraine, defined as Russian forces being expelled from the country, could lead to internal turmoil within Russia. Additionally, such a defeat could embolden those who seek to challenge Putin’s authority.

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