Frontline report: Ukrainians destroy 300 Russian troops on Zaporizhzhian front; intense fighting in Zherebianka
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By Smartencyclopedia with Agencies

Significant updates have emerged from the Zaporizhzhia Oblast today, where the most intense battles occurred in and around Piatykhatky. Ukrainian fighters visually confirmed their complete control over Piatykhatky, a development of utmost importance. Moreover, they successfully captured a substantial amount of Russian ammunition from the 128th Assault Brigade.

Interestingly, Russian sources had previously claimed a tactical retreat, suggesting they moved to safer positions surrounding the settlement. However, today they acknowledged that Ukrainian forces launched a two-sided attack, cutting off their retreat routes and ensnaring them in a pocket. The result was the elimination of the Storm Ossetia Battalion, including its commander, and the destruction of over 300 Russian troops and their equipment.

In response, Ukrainian forces regrouped and initiated fresh assaults. These actions aligned with the predictions made yesterday, which anticipated Ukrainian attacks on the flanks and one directed towards Zherebianka.

According to Russian sources, the 128th Assault Brigade advanced from the western part of the village, specifically from the tactical heights where Russians had purportedly retreated. The intensity of the fighting escalated as both sides launched counterattacks simultaneously. Fortunately, Ukrainian forces had previously fortified the western part of the village, enabling them to fall back to their new defensive positions and repel the attack. Claims by some Russian sources about the recapture of Piatykhatky were denied even by the most prominent Russian outlets.

Subsequently, the intensity of the fighting in the region diminished. Both sides were caught off guard and lacked the resources to initiate a second wave of attacks, particularly due to another major battle unfolding in front of Zherebianka.

Russian sources reported that Ukrainians launched an assault on the first line of trenches and fortifications, advancing from the forested area. However, tactical retreats to the hills around Zherebianka were claimed, accompanied by reports of Ukrainians being unable to occupy the vacated positions due to intense artillery fire.

Ukrainian sources conveyed that their forces successfully breached two Russian strong points within a tree line on a small hill and continued to penetrate deeper into Russian defenses. Additionally, it was revealed through Ukrainian intelligence that Russians were relocating thermobaric artillery systems TOS-1, tanks, and multiple-launch rocket systems, specifically near Dolynka. However, such redeployment attempts have proven fatal for Russian forces in recent times.

The mayor of Melitopol further disclosed that Ukrainian partisans had destroyed a Russian troop reinforcement column two days ago as they attempted to reach the front from the Kakhovka region. It is believed that the column was targeted by explosives placed on the road, effectively preventing their arrival.

Furthermore, Ukrainian partisans successfully sabotaged a crucial railway connection south of Melitopol, exacerbating logistical challenges for Russian forces and impeding their efforts to strengthen their defense line.

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