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During a fundraiser in California, US President Joe Biden referred to Chinese President Xi Jinping as a “dictator,” following a recent visit to Beijing by Secretary of State Antony Blinken aimed at stabilizing bilateral relations.

Biden also mentioned an incident involving a suspected Chinese spy balloon that strayed into US airspace earlier this year, suggesting that Xi was embarrassed by the incident.

The reasons for Biden’s comments on Xi, who has recently secured a third term as president and head of the Communist Party, remain unclear.

Biden stated that Xi became upset when the US intercepted the spy balloon, as he claimed that the Chinese leader was unaware of its presence.

The President added that this lack of knowledge and the incident itself were significant embarrassments for dictators. Biden also acknowledged China’s economic difficulties during his remarks.

While Xi, who had a meeting with Blinken on Monday, has not publicly responded to Biden’s comments, the statements are likely to strain relations between the two countries and potentially undermine efforts to stabilize their relationship after the balloon incident.

Despite the lack of breakthrough during Blinken’s visit, both sides agreed to continue diplomatic engagement and plan for further visits by US officials in the coming weeks and months.

Biden also mentioned that US climate envoy John Kerry might visit China soon. The President expressed optimism about the progress made in US-China relations during Blinken’s trip and emphasized that the United States does not seek to encircle China through its involvement in the Quad strategic security group, which includes Japan, Australia, and India.

China is expected to be a topic of discussion when Biden meets with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi later this week.

Source: With Agencies

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