Shootings at 2 Vietnam police stations are act of terrorism: Police
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HANOI – Police in Vietnam accused 75 people of terrorism on Friday after gun attacks on two police headquarters that killed nine in the country’s Central Highlands.

According to the official statement, the police have gathered evidence suggesting that the suspects received assistance from “foreign individuals and organizations.”

The Central Highlands region, which is inhabited by various ethnic minorities, holds significant importance for Vietnam’s authoritarian government. Over the years, it has been a focal point for discontent, particularly concerning issues like land rights.

During the prolonged war in Vietnam, certain tribes in the area, collectively known as Montagnards, aligned themselves with the US-backed south. Presently, there are factions within the Montagnard community advocating for increased autonomy, while some individuals abroad support the idea of region’s independence.

In relation to the recent incidents, the police have reported the confiscation of 10 flags associated with the Fulro, a Montagnard resistance movement.

In response to the situation, Cambodian leader Hun Sen has directed his armed forces to conduct searches in border villages for potential suspects involved in the shootings.

Furthermore, Mr. Hun Sen has cautioned the United Nations refugee agency and international organizations to remain vigilant and refrain from providing assistance to the suspects.

It is essential to note that Vietnam imposes severe penalties, including the death penalty, for terrorist offenses.

Source: AFP

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