Turkey: Sweden’s NATO Ratification Expected Within Weeks, Pending Final Approvals
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By The Smartencyclopedia Staff & Agencies

Hopes within NATO for Sweden’s swift ratification have gained momentum as officials indicate that the process is anticipated to be completed in the coming weeks. This development, crucial for Sweden’s NATO accession, was discussed during a meeting in Brussels, where Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan expressed optimism about the ratification timeline. While some expected a prompt conclusion, Sweden’s NATO membership is contingent on approval from Hungary, whose leaders have affirmed their commitment to endorsing the protocol.

Turkish Foreign Minister’s Assurances

During the meeting in Brussels, Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan conveyed his expectations that the ratification of Sweden’s NATO protocol would occur “within weeks.” This assertion was shared by Swedish Migration Minister Tobias Billstrom, who revealed that Fidan had not specified a precise date but expressed confidence in a timely conclusion. The remarks align with the U.S. State Department’s outlook, with a senior official indicating that the ratification is anticipated before the end of the year.

Hungary’s Role in Ratification

Hungary’s role in the ratification process was emphasized, with Prime Minister Viktor Orban consistently affirming Hungary’s commitment to not being the last to ratify Sweden’s NATO membership. Swedish officials, including Billstrom, noted that Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto reiterated this commitment during discussions. The sequence of ratification is perceived to be more dependent on Ankara’s actions than Budapest’s, with expectations that Hungary will follow suit promptly once confirmation is received from Turkey.

Anticipated Resolution

Sweden’s NATO membership is poised for a significant breakthrough pending the ratification process. Officials involved in the discussions, both from Turkey and the United States, have conveyed optimism about the timeline, reinforcing the belief that Sweden’s accession to NATO could be finalized in the coming weeks. This positive outlook is contingent on coordinated efforts between Turkey, Hungary, and Sweden to navigate the final steps of the ratification process.


As discussions unfold on the sidelines of the Brussels meeting, Sweden’s NATO ratification appears to be progressing with positive momentum. The collective efforts of Turkey, Hungary, and Sweden indicate a shared commitment to concluding the ratification process swiftly. The anticipated resolution of Sweden’s NATO membership is not only a significant diplomatic milestone but also underscores the collaborative spirit within the alliance.

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