New CIA Video Appeals to Russians Disillusioned with Moscow Elite
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By The Smartencyclopedia Staff & Agencies

In a recent release, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has unveiled a new video targeting Russians who may be disenchanted with their country’s leadership, presenting them with an avenue to share confidential information with the American intelligence agency.

The video, titled “Why I Contacted CIA: The Motherland,” is presented in the Russian language and has been distributed on platforms such as Telegram and other social media channels. It endeavors to resonate with Russians’ sense of patriotism and underscores the contrast between the sacrifices made by soldiers on the battlefield and the opulent lives of the nation’s elite.

This marks the third in a series of similar videos posted by the CIA, with the previous releases generating notable engagement. A CIA spokesperson commented, “We are seeing more outreach from Russians as a result of these videos. If it weren’t working, we wouldn’t be on video number three.” The videos from last year collectively garnered 2.1 million views.

CIA Director William Burns has characterized the upheaval caused by Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 as a unique opportunity for the agency to recruit Russian spies.

The latest video, a three-minute production accompanied by stirring music, features an unnamed narrator reflecting on his 35th birthday, the legacy of his father—who served as a Russian paratrooper—and his contemplation of whether he possesses “the courage to stand against this betrayal.”

The narrator, expressing disappointment in the leadership, shares, “My father was a practical man, who believed in Russia. He talked of cosmonauts and scientific achievements that the whole world admired.” Despite joining the military’s intelligence service, the GRU, to serve his country, the narrator claims to have realized that the true adversary lies within.

In a poignant revelation, the narrator asserts, “Our leaders sell out the country for palaces and yachts while our soldiers chew rotten potatoes and fire ancient weapons. Our people are forced to give bribes just to find a job. But the elites in incredibly expensive watches while away the time as corruption and nepotism eat my country alive from the inside.”

The video concludes with the narrator deciding to honor his father’s example and build a future for his son, vowing to secretly contact the CIA on his mobile phone. “I desire to save Russia. I will be the spark of truth for my son’s sake,” he declares.

This video release coincides with a stalemate in the Ukraine conflict, with both sides experiencing challenges in achieving significant breakthroughs in the ongoing war. Additionally, there is a waning political appetite in Congress to sustain U.S. military aid to Ukraine.

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