Russia Claims to Have Developed ‘Invisibility Suit’ for Soldiers
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By The Smartencyclopedia Staff & Agencies

In a bold technological leap, the Kremlin asserts the development of a groundbreaking “invisibility suit” designed to make soldiers practically invisible on the battlefield. The Russian-based HiderX claims that these suits, currently undergoing trials, can dilute a soldier’s silhouette and shield them from thermal optics and heat seekers.

Camouflage has evolved significantly over the years, from the muted colors of khaki in the 19th century to advanced patterns and designs aimed at mimicking nature. However, as technology for spotting the enemy has advanced, including night vision goggles and other optics, efforts have intensified to create more effective concealment methods.

The latest claim from Russia introduces a revolutionary concept—an invisibility suit that not only disguises the silhouette but also protects against detection by thermal optics and heat-seeking devices. Officials from HiderX revealed that the suits, coated with a specific mixture using proprietary Russian technology, are designed to effectively camouflage soldiers against hostile heat seekers.

A representative from HiderX stated, “We design a completely new product – a camouflage suit that dilutes the silhouette. It is a completely Russian technology that coats the fabric with a specific mixture. It is our knowhow, and we shall not disclose the details. The suit screens the surrounding temperature of the objects. It effectively camouflages Russian soldiers against hostile heat seekers.”

The designers emphasized that currently available camouflage suits often fail to fully conceal the wearer, prompting the need for an innovative solution. The new suit aims to hide the object from heat-seeking devices by diluting its heat signature. Trials are ongoing, with completion expected by the end of January.

The fabric material used in the suit is lightweight, weighing just 350 grams, and can be compacted to fit in a pocket. This innovation could provide Russian troops with the ability to evade thermal imaging equipment while ensuring comfort during extended use.

“We use the screening technology to avoid negative consequences. The heat exchange goes naturally as the fabric breathes,” the HiderX official added.

While HiderX has not disclosed the specific material used in the suit, it resembles a large trench coat with a hood, known as the “invisibility cloak” (Cloak-Nevidimka). The material comprises three layers—the internal layer reflecting infrared radiation, the middle layer absorbing infrared radiation, and the external layer reflecting infrared radiation from the environment.

Rebekah Koffler, a strategic military intelligence analyst, commented, “Cloak-Nevidimka was created at the RKhBZ Academy, which stands for Radiological Chemical Biological Defense.”

Although Russia has been forthright about its development of the concealment cloak, the strategic implications and the true effectiveness of this innovation remain subjects of interest and scrutiny.

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