Turkish Intelligence Unravels Espionage Ring Tied to French DGSE
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Syrian Nationals Accused of Spying for France Captured in Recent MIT Operation

By The Smartencyclopedia Staff & Agencies

In a recent operation, Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) uncovered an espionage ring with ties to France’s Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE). Led by Syrian national Ahmet Katie, the ring allegedly provided false information to French intelligence, aiming to tarnish Turkey’s image regarding the treatment of refugees attempting to leave the country.

The espionage suspects were linked to the Paris-based non-profit organization Collectif des Amis d’Alep, introduced to them through French intelligence. Security sources revealed that the apprehended individuals were promised asylum in France, further indicating the depth of their collaboration. Currently held in prison, the three suspects await trial on charges of forging documents containing defamatory information against Turkey and supplying intelligence on Turkey’s migration policies to foreign services.

Surveillance conducted by the counterespionage unit and the Istanbul branch of MIT preceded the recent police operation that led to the capture of the suspects. The individuals are accused of collaborating with DGSE operatives, forging evidence of migrant mistreatment in Turkey, and supplying false information to foreign intelligence services.

Ahmet Katie, self-identified as an “activist journalist” based in Istanbul, applied for asylum at the French Consulate in Istanbul. In exchange for asylum, French intelligence allegedly tasked him with conducting military and political espionage against Turkey. Katie accepted the offer and began compiling data on Syrian refugees and Turkey’s migration policies.

MIT investigations uncovered that Katie, along with Ibrahim Shewaish and Halis Elnahar, supplied information to a French NGO controlled by DGSE operatives. The NGO allegedly instructed the suspects to fabricate evidence of migrant mistreatment in Turkey, with Katie posing as a refugee rights activist and producing forged documents.

Katie’s activities extended to contacting political parties in Turkey, reaching out to foreign media outlets with fake news, and obtaining personal data on foreigners in the country. The intelligence exchange reportedly occurred through a WhatsApp group Katie formed with a contact at the French NGO.

The operation exposed connections between Katie and French intelligence, notably a woman named “Irene” working for DGSE and Hussam Elnahar, who acted as Katie’s contact with the French NGO. Sensing potential exposure by MIT, French intelligence advised Katie to “wait” in a safe house in Bursa, south of Istanbul. However, Turkish intelligence successfully tracked him down, preventing his departure for France.

MIT has been active in unveiling espionage networks in recent years, including those linked to Russia and Iran. Previous operations thwarted an Iranian plot to assassinate Israeli citizens in Turkey and revealed a scheme by Iranian intelligence to kidnap Iranian dissidents sheltering in Turkey. In a recent case, numerous suspects working for Israel’s Mossad and spying on Palestinians and others in Turkey were apprehended after MIT’s operations. Mossad is believed to have recruited Palestinians and Syrian nationals in Turkey for operations against foreign residents.

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