Palestinian Health Minister Visits Injured Children in Qatar
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By The Smartencyclopedia Staff & Agencies

DOHA, QATAR: The Palestinian Minister of Health, HE Dr. Mai al-Kaila, visited Sidra Medicine today to meet with Palestinian children injured in the Gaza Strip who are receiving treatment in Qatar. The visit is part of an initiative launched by the Amir of Qatar, HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, to provide medical care for 1,500 Palestinians from the besieged territory.

During her visit, Dr. al-Kaila received briefings from officials and doctors at Sidra Medicine on the children’s health conditions, the types of injuries they sustained, and their current treatment plans, living arrangements, and the facilities available to them.

She expressed her deep appreciation for Qatar’s generous efforts and the resources allocated to receive and treat the wounded in state-of-the-art hospitals staffed by highly qualified medical professionals and equipped with the latest medical technology. This, she emphasized, contributes significantly to providing the Palestinians with high-quality healthcare.

Dr. al-Kaila also highlighted the ongoing collaboration between Qatar and Palestine. She mentioned meeting with HE Dr. Hanan Mohamed Al-Kuwari, the Qatari Minister of Public Health, to discuss and agree on measures to support the rehabilitation of the Palestinian healthcare system, which has suffered significant damage due to the recent Israeli aggression in Gaza.

She condemned the “atrocities committed by the occupation authorities in Gaza,” highlighting the immense suffering inflicted on entire families, villages, and cities, including the healthcare sector, which enjoys international protection under the Geneva Conventions and international law.

Dr. al-Kaila pointed out specific instances of Israeli violations, including attacks on hospitals, arrests of medical personnel, and the obstruction of humanitarian aid deliveries, including essential medical supplies and medicines.

She painted a grim picture of the impact these violations have had on the wounded, stating, “We see cases here at Sidra Medicine and other Qatari hospitals where some of the wounded are suffering from bone inflammation because they were forced to undergo amputations without proper anesthesia, painkillers, or even the necessary post-surgical antibiotics. This has led to a significant deterioration in their health conditions.”

Dr. al-Kaila concluded her statement by emphasizing the urgent need for an immediate ceasefire to end the suffering of the Palestinian people. She also stated that “the targeting of children by the occupation forces embodies a real meaning of genocide on the ground.”

Qatar has so far received 16 batches of wounded Palestinians from the Gaza Strip for treatment in Doha.

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