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By The Smartencyclopedia Staff & Agencies

  • Baltimore Bridge Collapse: A tragic incident occurred in Baltimore as a container ship collided with a major bridge, causing it to collapse and vehicles to plunge into the water below.

  • Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Amid political discord in Israel, some soldiers express frustration while Israeli strikes in Gaza lead to casualties on both sides.
  • Moscow Attack Suspects: The eighth suspect in the recent Moscow attack appears in court as concerns about torture raised by rights commissioners.
  • Accusations Against Ukraine: Russia’s FSB chief accuses Ukraine, along with the US and UK, of involvement in the Moscow shooting incident.
  • Assange Extradition: Julian Assange receives a temporary reprieve from extradition to the US, amid ongoing assessments of Israel’s conduct in the war.
  • US-Israel Meetings: US National Security Adviser Sullivan meets with Israeli officials, while President Biden pledges federal funding for the Baltimore bridge rebuild.
  • Global Investment Initiatives: Brazil and France launch a $1.1 billion investment program for the Amazon rainforest, as North Korean delegates visit Vietnam.
  • Security Threats: Germany’s interior minister highlights Islamic State as the greatest security threat, while protests erupt in Hungary over a leaked graft case involving Prime Minister Orban.
  • Political Developments: Portugal’s rightist AD and populist Chega clash after elections, and Bosnia’s peace envoy imposes reforms on election laws.
  • Other Developments: A faltering container ship crashes into a Baltimore bridge shortly after departure, while the US announces non-support for the Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project, and US reporter Gershkovich’s detention in Russia is extended.

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