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By The Smartencyclopedia Staff & Agencies

  • President Joe Biden threatened on Thursday to condition support for Israel’s offensive in Gaza on it taking concrete steps to protect aid workers and civilians, seeking for the first time to leverage U.S. aid to influence Israeli military behavior.

  • Netanyahu says Israel acting against Iran, will defend itself
  • Slavery tribunal? Africa and the Caribbean unite on reparations
  • Helicopter rescues Taiwan miners, stranded hotel guests confirmed safe
  • Hometown mourners commemorate Polish aid worker killed in Gaza 
  • Iran embassy strike shows Israel’s growing reach as Mideast boils
  • NATO allies aim to send more air defense aid to Ukraine but make no concrete pledges Haitians seek to flee gang-fueled anarchy as neighbors boost militaries · 
  • Israel plans to adjust Gaza war tactics after killing of aid workers New Zealand says new NATO partnership to be concluded in ‘coming months’
  • Russian drone attack kills four in Ukraine’s Kharkiv, cuts power supply
  • Scientists investigate thousands of dead Antarctic penguins for bird flu
  • Man stabs governor of Russia’s Murmansk region with knife
  • An unknown assailant stabbed the governor of Russia’s Arctic region of Murmansk, wounding him in the stomach after he held a meeting with residents on Thursday, Russian news agencies quoted the governor’s press service as saying. 
  • Cuba guarantees food rations in bid to defuse tension after protests Togolese opposition members arrested over campaign against new constitution Tennessee court weighs blocking abortion ban during pregnancy complications Houthis say 37 killed in hundreds of US, UK strikes on Yemen Somalia expel Ethiopian envoy amid a naval base dispute
  • Bird flu dairy cow outbreak widens in Ohio, Kansas, New Mexico
  • Peru’s Congress rejects attempt to impeach president amid Rolex scandal Spanish group working with World Central Kitchen stops using sea route to Gaza
  • Senior Hamas leader says Egypt gave ceasefire proposal but it does not include anything new
  • Small uncrewed Ukrainian plane likely used in an attack deep inside Russia
  • Descendants of enslaved, enslavers ‘break silence’ around France’s past Russia detains three more people over concert shooting US this week approved transfer of thousands of bombs to Israel, official says
  • The United States approved this week for the transfer of thousands of additional bombs to Israel. However, a Biden administration official said they will not be delivered until at least next year.
  • Ukraine strikes may have hit 15% of Russian refinery capacity 
  • MSF dismisses Israeli claim of ‘regrettable incident’ in strike against aid workers in Gaza

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