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By The Smartencyclopedia Staff & Agencies

In a striking revelation, Gen. Christopher Cavoli, head of U.S. European Command and NATO’s supreme allied commander in Europe, has cautioned that Russia’s military forces have rapidly regained their pre-war strength, surpassing initial estimates by a significant margin.

During a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Thursday, Gen. Cavoli emphasized that Russia has expedited its military buildup for the conflict in Ukraine at an alarming pace, outstripping the projections made by the United States. According to a report by Newsweek, he highlighted that Russia’s military has not only restored its capabilities to pre-war levels but is also intensifying its efforts to enhance its overall capacity.

Despite suffering setbacks in certain areas due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Russia has managed to bolster its armed forces at a rate far exceeding expectations. Gen. Cavoli pointed out that while some segments of Russia’s Armed Forces encountered significant losses during the war, a substantial portion of Moscow’s military apparatus remained largely unaffected.

In his statement preceding the hearing, Gen. Cavoli underscored the rapid reconstitution of Russia’s military might, noting a 15% increase in the size of its army compared to pre-war levels. The frontline troop strength has surged from 360,000 to 470,000 over the past year, signaling Moscow’s determination to escalate its military capabilities.

The timing of Gen. Cavoli’s testimony is crucial as military assistance to Ukraine faces delays in Congress. With Ukraine striving to stabilize its front lines in anticipation of a potential Russian offensive in the spring, the urgency of supporting Ukraine’s defense efforts cannot be overstated, emphasized Gen. Cavoli during the hearing.

The Senate recently approved a $95 billion foreign aid bill, including $60 billion allocated for Ukraine, in a bid to bolster its defense capabilities. However, the passage of the bill faces resistance from some Republican lawmakers, underscoring the contentious nature of foreign aid discussions amid escalating tensions.

Gen. Cavoli reiterated his concerns before the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday, depicting the dire humanitarian situation in Ukraine and highlighting the disproportionate casualties suffered by Ukrainian soldiers compared to their Russian counterparts.

As the geopolitical landscape remains fraught with uncertainty, Gen. Cavoli’s testimony serves as a stark reminder of the formidable military challenge posed by Russia in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the imperative of sustained support for Ukraine’s defense efforts.

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