President Michel Calls for Special European Council Meeting to Address Competitiveness and Foreign Policy Challenges
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By The Smartencyclopedia Staff & Agencies

President Charles Michel has issued a formal invitation to the members of the European Council for a Special European Council meeting scheduled to take place on April 17 and 18.

The upcoming meeting will focus primarily on bolstering the competitiveness of the European Union (EU) in the global arena. President Michel emphasized the urgent need for a new competitiveness deal and a fresh perspective to ensure the EU’s prosperity and maintain its global leadership role. He underscored the importance of bridging the growth and innovation divide compared to global counterparts while safeguarding the EU’s economic, industrial, and technological base.

President Michel outlined concrete measures to enhance competitiveness across various policy areas. Key sectors such as the single market, regulatory framework, strategic investments, and access to capital will be addressed to ensure the growth and resilience of EU businesses. He emphasized the importance of a coherent and smart regulatory framework to facilitate business growth and innovation, alongside a reassessment of the EU’s approach to state aid and private-public financing mechanisms.

Foreign policy issues will also feature prominently on the agenda, with a focus on addressing Russia’s attacks on Ukrainian civilians and critical infrastructure, particularly in the energy sector. President Michel highlighted the need to intensify military assistance to Ukraine, including air defense capabilities, in response to Russia’s aggression.

Regarding the crisis in Gaza, President Michel reiterated the EU’s commitment to working with partners to achieve an immediate ceasefire, release hostages, and increase humanitarian aid to the region. He condemned Iran’s recent attack on Israel and urged all parties to exercise restraint and respect international law to avoid further escalation of tensions.

The meeting will also address the situation in Lebanon, expressing support for the country during challenging times. Additionally, discussions on EU-Turkey relations will focus on promoting a cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship, contributing to stability in the Eastern Mediterranean.

President Michel expressed optimism about the constructive discussions that lie ahead and called on all members of the European Council to actively participate in shaping the EU’s response to competitiveness and foreign policy challenges.

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