Poland in danger over storing US weapons destined for Ukraine, warn experts
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A high-mobility artillery rocket system is offloaded from a C-17 Globemaster III at Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton, Calif., on Jan. 27. Four similar HIMARS were recently sent to Ukraine as part of a $450 million security assistance package. Marine Corps Cpl. Jailine Alicea-Santiago

By The Smartencyclopedia Staff & Agencies

In a move that has further strained relations between Moscow and Washington, Russia has erupted in fury over the approval of a substantial aid package by the United States for Ukraine, which notably includes advanced weaponry. While Kremlin spokespersons have issued restrained statements, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev didn’t hold back, denouncing the aid as support for a “bunch of neo-Nazis.”

The revelation that the arms from the aid package will soon be channeled through Poland has added fuel to the fire. According to reports from the Financial Times, much of the weaponry has already been stockpiled in southeastern Poland, near Rzeszów, close to the Ukrainian border.

This development has raised alarm among specialists, including former intelligence service analyst Robert Cheda. He emphasizes that Poland now becomes a direct target, urging the country’s security services to remain vigilant to thwart any potential Russian interference or retaliatory attacks.

Cheda points out that Russia has a history of targeting arms depots in neighboring countries, including Czechia, Bulgaria, and even Ukraine itself, before the onset of the conflict in 2022. He warns of the possibility of Russian diversionary groups already operating within Poland.

“The Russians can now intensify certain actions, want to demonstratively do something in response to the American decision because it was visibly clear that they were furious,” Cheda stated.

Expressing deep concern, Cheda underscores that Rzeszów has long been under close Russian surveillance, citing incidents such as rocket strikes in nearby areas. He cautions that Russia may escalate tensions by attempting to destroy one of the arms depots located in Poland.

As tensions continue to escalate in the region, the situation remains precarious, with Poland caught in the crossfire of geopolitical rivalries and escalating hostilities between Russia and the West.

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