Significant Threat to Internal Security: Europol Warns EU is Becoming a Haven for Organized Crime Multinationals
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By The Smartencyclopedia Staff & Agencies

A confidential report from Europol, shared with several French media outlets, reveals a troubling scenario: Europe has become fertile ground for so-called “crime multinationals,” representing a “significant threat to the internal security of the European Union.”

According to the report, there are currently 821 criminal organizations operating within the EU’s 27 member states, functioning like true “crime multinational enterprises,” as emphasized in the document. These organizations often benefit from direct or indirect complicity from major legal companies in strategic sectors such as hospitality, construction, product distribution, and road transport.

The report reveals that these criminal organizations employ approximately 25,000 collaborators, ranging from hired assassins to unscrupulous computer experts, technicians, and professionals who offer paid services under the guise of “service provision.” European mafia multinationals have a structure resembling small or medium-sized enterprises, with around 10 to 40 members, including “directors” and informants, according to European authorities.

Data published by ‘Le Monde’ indicates that 68% of these multinational organizations with operations in Europe use violence and intimidation to achieve their goals, while 71% resort to corrupt politicians, businessmen, and professionals from various sectors to expand their operations.

Money laundering is also a common practice, with 96% of organizations managing to launder their profits without significant difficulty. Additionally, 86% have infiltrated or created entirely legal businesses to expand their commercial activities and enterprises.

Faced with an alarming scenario, Europol sent the ultra-confidential report to the governments of all EU member countries, warning about the worrying growth of these new crime multinationals. Catherine De Bolle, President of Europol, commented that they have uncovered “unprecedented and dangerous information that we have transmitted to all European states.” “We are facing a significant and growing threat to the internal security of the European Union,” she warned.

The report underscores the urgency of adopting effective measures to combat this new wave of organized crime, which employs both traditional methods such as violence, and sophisticated methods, including the use of new technologies, to perpetuate illicit activities.

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