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By The Smartencyclopedia Staff & Agencies

Global News Highlights

  • US Believes Hamas, Israel Can Break Gaza Ceasefire Impasse; Israeli Forces Cut Rafah Aid Route: Efforts are underway to resolve the Gaza ceasefire deadlock despite challenges posed by aid route disruptions.
  • Macron’s Culinary Diplomacy: With Lamb and Cheese, French President Tries to Charm China’s Xi in the Pyrenees: French President Macron employs gastronomic diplomacy to foster relations with China’s President Xi Jinping amidst picturesque Pyrenees landscapes.
  • Ukraine’s Zelenskiy: Cape Verde First African State to Agree to Attend Peace Summit: Ukrainian President Zelenskiy announces Cape Verde as the first African nation to confirm attendance at a forthcoming peace summit.
  • Columbia Law Voices Confidence in Graduates Amid Conservative Judges’ Boycott: Columbia Law School expresses confidence in its graduates amidst a boycott by conservative judges.
  • Tunisia Detains Prominent Activist for Migrants’ Rights: Tunisia detains a well-known activist advocating for migrants’ rights.
  • Eurovision Favorites Croatia, Ukraine Qualify for Grand Final: Croatia and Ukraine secure spots in the Eurovision grand final, becoming fan favorites.
  • Fire and Hide: Ukraine’s Artillery Pinned Down by Russian Drones: Ukrainian artillery faces challenges from Russian drones, prompting defensive strategies.
  • IAEA’s Grossi Seeks Deal with Iran on Nuclear Steps ‘Soon’: IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi endeavors to reach an agreement with Iran on nuclear commitments shortly.
  • Brazil Floods Death Toll Rises to 90, Dozens Still Stranded: The death toll from floods in Brazil climbs to 90, with numerous individuals still stranded.
  • Italy Bans NGO Planes from Using Airports Close to Migrant Routes: Italy implements a ban on NGO planes using airports near migrant routes.
  • Death Toll from Strikes on Eastern Congo Camps Rises to 18: The death toll from attacks on camps in eastern Congo increases to 18.
  • Biden Compares Hamas Attack to Holocaust in Antisemitism Warning: President Biden draws parallels between Hamas attacks and the Holocaust in a warning against rising antisemitism.
  • Peru Port Conflict Escalates as Chinese Firm Insists on Original Terms: Tensions escalate over a port conflict in Peru as a Chinese firm insists on initial terms.
  • TikTok Lawsuit Sets Up Novel Court Fight Over US Ban: A lawsuit involving TikTok sets the stage for a unique legal battle over a proposed US ban.
  • ‘Tsar’ Putin Tells the West: Russia Will Talk Only on Equal Terms: Russian President Putin asserts that Russia will engage in discussions with the West on equal footing.
  • Hamas Official Warns of No Ceasefire Deal if Israeli Aggression on Gaza Continues: A Hamas official cautions against a ceasefire agreement if Israeli aggression persists in Gaza.
  • Trump Seeks Records About Evidence Handling in Latest Bid to Delay Documents Case: Former President Trump seeks records related to evidence handling in a bid to delay a documents case.
  • Clashes Break Out in Pro-Palestinian Rally in Greece: Violent clashes erupt during a pro-Palestinian rally in Greece.
  • Chinese Election Meddling Could Undermine Canada’s Democracy, Says Spy Agency: Canada’s spy agency warns that Chinese election meddling may threaten Canadian democracy.
  • Colombia Prosecutors Weigh Immunity for Ex-Officials in Government Corruption Case: Colombian prosecutors consider granting immunity to former officials implicated in a corruption case.
  • Hungary Government to Discuss Fuel Prices Again Despite Recent Falls, Minister Says: The Hungarian government plans to address fuel prices despite recent declines, according to a government minister.
  • Patients and Medics Flee Major Rafah Hospital Amid Tensions: Patients and medical staff evacuate a significant hospital in Rafah amid escalating tensions.
  • US Paused Shipment of Weapons to Israel to Head Off Rafah Invasion, Official Says: The US temporarily halts weapon shipments to Israel to preempt a potential invasion via Rafah, an official confirms.
  • Kevin Spacey Overturns UK Ruling in Sex Assault Case Due to Lawyers’ Mistake: Actor Kevin Spacey successfully overturns a UK court ruling in a sexual assault case due to a legal error.
  • US Seeks Labor Dispute Panel Over Atento Facility in Mexico, USTR Reports: The US requests a labor dispute panel regarding operations at an Atento facility in Mexico, as reported by the USTR.
  • Russia Detains Two US Nationals, Including a Serving Soldier: Russia detains two US nationals, one of whom is an active-duty soldier.
  • Spanish Bullring to Let Children in Free as ‘Best Introduction’ to Bullfighting: A Spanish bullring offers free admission for children to introduce them to bullfighting.
  • Rapper Drake’s Toronto Mansion Guard Wounded in Overnight Shooting: A security guard at rapper Drake’s Toronto mansion sustains injuries in an overnight shooting incident.
  • UK and Allies Unmask and Sanction Russian Leader of LockBit Cybercrime Gang: The UK and its allies unveil and impose sanctions on the leader of the LockBit cybercrime gang based in Russia.
  • Russia Declares US NGO Freedom House an Undesirable Organization: Russia designates the US-based NGO Freedom House as an undesirable organization.
  • Scientists Document Remarkable Sperm Whale ‘Phonetic Alphabet’: Scientists record a remarkable “phonetic alphabet” used by sperm whales.
  • Russia Puts Veteran Journalist in Pre-Trial Detention for ‘Justifying Terrorism’: Russia detains a veteran journalist under pre-trial detention for allegedly justifying terrorism.
  • Police Clear Protest From Swiss University as Gaza Demonstrations Spread: Swiss police disperse a protest at a university amid growing demonstrations in support of Gaza.
  • King Charles Too Busy to See Son Prince Harry During UK Trip: King Charles was reportedly unable to meet with his son, Prince Harry, during a visit to the UK due to scheduling constraints.
  • German Police Clear Pro-Palestinian Camp at Berlin University: German police dismantle a pro-Palestinian camp set up at a university in Berlin.

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