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By The Smartencyclopedia Staff & Agencies

  • US Committee Targets Georgia Tech’s Alleged Ties to Chinese Military-Linked Research: A US committee is investigating Georgia Tech over alleged connections to Chinese military-affiliated research projects.

  • US Warning on Arms Supplies Prompts Israeli Defiance, Doubts: Israel responds defiantly and with skepticism following a US warning on arms supplies.
  • Polish Judge at Heart of Spy Scandal Loses Immunity: A Polish judge central to a spy scandal has lost legal immunity amid ongoing controversy.
  • Israel Secures Spot in Eurovision 2024 Grand Final: Israel achieves a coveted spot in the Eurovision 2024 grand final.
  • Suffering Worst Drought in Decades, Costa Rica Orders Electricity Rationing: Costa Rica implements electricity rationing due to the country’s severe drought.
  • Peru’s Poverty Rate Ticks Up for the Second Straight Year: Peru’s poverty rate has increased for the second consecutive year.
  • British Commander Says Air Drops a Lifesaver for Gazans Facing Starvation: A British commander emphasizes the critical role of airdrops in providing aid to starving Gazans.
  • Pope Starts Countdown to Holy Year Centered on Theme of Hope: The Pope initiates a countdown to the Holy Year, emphasizing the theme of hope.
  • Zelenskiy Dismisses Head of State Guard After Two Members Accused of Assassination Plot: Ukrainian President Zelenskiy dismisses the head of state guard following allegations of an assassination plot.
  • US ‘Deeply Troubled’ by Actions Against Protesters in Georgia: The US expresses deep concern over actions taken against protesters in Georgia.
  • No New Trial for Convicted Honduras Ex-President in US Drug Case: A convicted former president of Honduras will not receive a new trial in a US drug case, according to recent developments.
  • Chad Declares Interim President Deby Winner of Disputed Vote: Chad declares interim President Deby as the winner of a disputed election, amid ongoing political tensions.
  • Yemen’s Houthis Chief Says Group Will Target Any Ships Related to Transport of Goods to Israel: The leader of Yemen’s Houthi group threatens to target ships involved in transporting goods to Israel.
  • Cuba May Import Sugar, Rum Industry Pressed Amid Disastrous Harvest: Cuba is considering importing sugar due to a disastrous harvest, putting pressure on its rum industry.
  • Death Toll from Rains in Southern Brazil Climbs to 107, Says Civil Defense: The death toll from heavy rains in southern Brazil rises to 107, according to civil defense authorities.
  • Major Rafah Operation Will Not Defeat Hamas, White House Says: The White House states that a major operation in Rafah will not defeat Hamas, highlighting ongoing challenges in the region.
  • US Satisfied So Far with India Sikh Plot Probe, but Stresses ‘Red Line’: The US expresses satisfaction with India’s probe into a Sikh plot but emphasizes certain boundaries.
  • Putin Warns of Global Clash as Russia Marks Victory in World War Two: Russian President Putin warns of a potential global clash as Russia commemorates victory in World War Two.
  • Contractors Arrive in Haiti to Build Base for Kenyan-Led Forces: Contractors arrive in Haiti to construct a base for Kenyan-led forces as part of international peacekeeping efforts.
  • Georgian Envoy to France Resigns Over ‘Foreign Agent’ Bill: Georgia’s ambassador to France resigns in protest against a controversial “foreign agent” bill.
  • Protesters in Armenia Demand PM Resign Over Border Villages Dispute: Demonstrators in Armenia call for the resignation of the Prime Minister amid tensions over border villages.
  • Ukraine Drone Hits Russian Oil Facility 1,500 km Away, Source Says: A drone reportedly targets a Russian oil facility in Ukraine, marking a significant development in a regional conflict.
  • Chinese Companies Hit with US Trade Restrictions Over Spy Balloon Incident: Chinese companies face US trade restrictions following an incident involving spy balloons.
  • Rescuers Save Horse Trapped on Rooftop by Floods in Brazil: Rescuers in Brazil successfully saved a horse trapped on a rooftop during floods.
  • Barron Trump to Represent Florida at Republican Convention: Barron Trump, son of former President Donald Trump, will represent Florida at the upcoming Republican convention.
  • The US Discusses North Korea with China, Airs Repatriation Concerns: The United States engages in discussions with China regarding North Korea and expresses concerns about repatriation issues.
  • Myanmar Junta Reiterates Election Plan After Ex-Cambodia PM Seeks Suu Kyi Access: Myanmar’s military junta reaffirms its election plan following a request from ex-Cambodian Prime Minister to access Aung San Suu Kyi.
  • Hope Fades for 44 Trapped in Collapsed South African Building: As rescue efforts continue, hope diminishes for the 44 individuals trapped in a collapsed building in South Africa.
  • War Upends Ukraine’s Economy in a Shift That May Be Permanent: Ongoing conflict in Ukraine causes significant economic disruption with potential long-term implications for the country’s economy.
  • Ukraine’s Parliament Cracks Down on Draft Dodgers: Ukraine’s parliament enforces stricter measures against individuals evading military draft amid heightened security concerns.
  • UK’s Labour Holds 30-Point Poll Lead Over Sunak’s Conservatives:: The UK’s Labour Party maintains a substantial lead over Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party in recent polls.
  • India Completes Troop Exit from Maldives at Pro-China Leader’s Request: India finalizes the withdrawal of troops from the Maldives following a request from a pro-China political leader.
  • In Surprise Move, Somalia Asks U.N. to End Political Mission: Somalia unexpectedly requests the United Nations to terminate its political mission in the country.
  • Slovenia to Recognize Palestinian State by Mid-June: Slovenia announces plans to officially recognize the Palestinian state by mid-June, a decision drawing international attention.
  • Vietnam Irks EU by Delaying Meeting Ahead of Possible Putin Visit: Vietnam’s postponement of a meeting with the European Union raises eyebrows amid anticipation of a potential visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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