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By The Smartencyclopedia Staff Writer with Agencies

Biden Administration on Rafah Conflict

The Biden administration stated that recent deaths in Rafah do not constitute a major ground operation that crosses US red lines.

South African Elections

South Africans have started voting in a crucial election, the most pivotal since the end of apartheid in 1994.

Putin’s Warning to NATO

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that NATO’s proposal to allow Ukraine to use Western weapons to strike deep inside Russia could trigger a global conflict, accusing European NATO members of “playing with fire.”

Latin America’s Climate Litigation

Latin America’s human rights court is holding a final hearing in Brazil as part of a global wave of climate litigation. International courts are preparing first-time opinions on what countries must do to combat climate change.

North Korea-China Relations

North Korea’s rare criticism of China this week highlights differences between Beijing and Pyongyang regarding North Korea’s illicit nuclear arsenal, despite otherwise warming ties.

South Korea-North Korea Tensions

South Korea accused North Korea of sending balloons across the heavily fortified border, dropping objects that included trash and excrement.

Trump’s Hush Money Trial

Jurors are set to begin deliberations in Donald Trump’s hush money trial, weighing weeks of evidence. Despite the potential for a guilty verdict, President Biden’s campaign plans to stay its course.

China’s Economic Outlook

China’s economy is expected to grow by 5% this year following a strong first quarter, according to the International Monetary Fund, which upgraded its earlier forecast from 4.6%.

Geely’s Hybrid Models and EV Tariffs

China’s Geely announced the launch of hybrid models with a new fuel-efficient engine next year. Meanwhile, China prepares to negotiate with Europe as EV tariffs loom.

Samsung Union Strike

A Samsung union in South Korea plans to escalate strike action next week, staging its first-ever walkout over demands for higher wages.

OpenAI CEO Ouster

In a detailed account, former OpenAI board member Helen Toner revealed the board only learned about ChatGPT’s existence from Twitter last year, following a dramatic CEO ouster.

Anglo-American and BHP Deal

Anglo-American rejected BHP’s request for more time to discuss a $49 billion takeover offer, likely ending a five-week pursuit by the larger rival.

Shadow Fleet and Shipping Emissions

The growing fleet of tankers transporting sanctioned oil is using the cheapest fuel available, complicating efforts to use cleaner fuel to reduce shipping emissions, according to shipping data and sources.

Ukrainian Soldiers’ Struggles

Ukrainian soldiers speak of exhaustion, a perilous shortage of munitions, and personal loss as Russian forces gain ground. Reuters’ frontline report highlights the urgent need to repel Vladimir Putin’s advances to prevent further escalation.

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