Top Stories: Modi’s Alliance Leads Indian Elections, Iraq Tensions Rise, and Global Events Unfold
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By The Smartencyclopedia Staff Writer with Agencies

India’s Modi Heads for Victory, But Falls Short of Landslide

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s alliance is on track to win most seats in the general election, with about half of the votes counted. Despite the lead, the numbers are falling short of the landslide predicted by exit polls. Krishn Kaushik provides live updates from New Delhi on the Reuters World News podcast.

Middle East Tensions Escalate

Iran-backed Shi’ite armed groups in Iraq have increased rocket and missile attacks on Israel, causing concern in Washington and among some Iranian allies about potential Israeli retaliation and regional escalation if any attacks result in casualties.

Tight Security in Beijing and Hong Kong on Tiananmen Anniversary

Security measures were heightened, and access was restricted around Beijing’s Tiananmen Square on the 35th anniversary of the June 4 crackdown. Hong Kong also increased its policing as activists in Taiwan and elsewhere prepared vigils to mark the date.

Nigeria’s Unions Strike, Disrupting National Services

Nigeria’s main labor unions shut down the national power grid and disrupted flights as they commenced an indefinite strike. The strike protests the government’s failure to agree on a new minimum wage, causing widespread disruption.

Climate Change and Natural Events Intensify Brazil’s Flooding

International scientists reported that climate change and the natural El Nino phenomenon made the recent devastating floods in southern Brazil twice as likely.

UNITED STATES: Key Developments

  • Biden’s New Border Measure: President Joe Biden is expected to sign a new border measure allowing authorities to deport or return to Mexico migrants quickly caught crossing the southwest border if illegal entries exceed a certain threshold.
  • Garland vs. House Republicans: Attorney General Merrick Garland will address the House, accusing Republican allies of Donald Trump of spreading false narratives that threaten law enforcement and the Justice Department’s integrity.
  • Fauci Denies Lab Leak Suppression: Dr. Anthony Fauci denied allegations that he suppressed the theory that COVID-19 originated from a lab leak in China, insisting he never influenced research on the virus’s origins.

Business & Markets Highlights

  • GameStop’s “Roaring Kitty” Profits: Stock influencer Keith Gill, known as “Roaring Kitty,” could have paper profits of tens of millions from GameStop options, though realizing these gains might be challenging.
  • China’s Property Sector: A significant drop in new housing construction in China is fueling hopes of addressing chronic oversupply, but a policy for cleaning up bad assets is needed to prevent stagnation similar to Japan’s.
  • Tesla Faces Labor Proposal: Norway’s largest pension fund, KLP, will support a shareholder proposal urging Tesla to engage in wage and labor negotiations amidst industrial action in Sweden.
  • Volvo’s EV Battery Passport: Volvo is introducing the world’s first EV battery passport for its EX90 SUV, tracking raw material origins, components, recycled content, and carbon footprint.
  • Johnson & Johnson Verdict: A jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $260 million to an Oregon woman who developed mesothelioma from asbestos exposure linked to the company’s talc powder.
  • Intel’s New Processors: Intel launched its next-generation Xeon server processors and revealed its Gaudi 3 AI accelerator chips, priced competitively to regain data center market share.

Gaza’s Healthcare Crisis

The Gaza conflict has killed over 50 highly qualified specialists, crippling efforts to build a healthcare system for a potential Palestinian state. Each loss represents a significant setback, with the knowledge network taking years to rebuild.

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