Nearly 100 Bradleys Delivered to the 1st Cavalry Division
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A Bradley infantry fighting vehicle of the U.S. Army and a Leopard 2PL main battle tank of the Polish armed forces during the NATO Dragon 24 military exercise on March 04, 2024, near Gniew, Poland. Photo by Sean Gallup via Getty Images

By The Smartencyclopedia Newsroom with Agencies 

June 6, 2024 – Soldiers from the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team (ABCT), 1st Cavalry Division recently received nearly 100 Bradley Fighting Vehicles from Army Field Support Battalion-Poland (AFSBn-Poland). This strategic transfer, executed between May 20 and May 31, occurred at two locations in Poland and one in Lithuania, significantly bolstering frontline troop support.

The Bradleys were sourced from the 405th Army Field Support Brigade’s Coleman Army Prepositioned Stocks-2 (APS-2) worksite in Mannheim. This delivery includes both M2A3 Infantry Fighting Vehicles and M3A3 Cavalry Fighting Vehicles, with the latter tailored for scouting roles, accommodating two scouts along with additional ammunition and communications equipment.

Currently, the 1st ABCT, 1st Cavalry Division is deployed in Europe for a nine-month mission supporting U.S. Army Europe and Africa operations. Upon completion, they are scheduled to return to Fort Cavazos, Texas, where they will receive the Army’s latest M2A4 Bradleys. This interim provision of Bradleys from AFSBn-Poland is part of the Army’s broader modernization efforts.

The support from AFSBn-Poland is critical, particularly following the battalion’s recent divestment of nearly 120 Bradley Fighting Vehicles from the 2nd ABCT, 1st Cavalry Division. This initiative was part of the brigade’s equipment fielding process post their nine-month European rotation.

“Each week I dial into Bradley modernization operational planning meetings, ensuring I understand my role and the Army’s end state for equipping armored brigade combat teams with the most advanced weapons,” said Maj. Steven Waugh, support operations officer at AFSBn-Poland. “I’ve learned more about Bradleys over the last year than in my previous 13 years in the Army. Knowing I played a part in this strategy has been rewarding.”

The preparation and issuance of these Bradleys required considerable effort from the entire team. “We worked long hours, 6 to 7 days a week, getting these Bradleys ready,” Waugh added. “The Cav Soldiers said they are the best Bradleys they’ve ever used.”

As part of the 405th AFSB’s regional alignment and transformation initiative, AFSBn-Poland will soon relocate all its resources from Mannheim to Powidz, Poland, home to a new Long Term Equipment Storage and Maintenance Complex (LTESM-C). Army Field Support Battalion-Germany will then assume command of the Coleman APS-2 worksite while continuing to manage the Dülmen APS-2 worksite.

The APS-2 program aims to provide ready-to-deploy power projection packages, reducing the need for equipment from deploying forces’ home stations. Sites like Coleman, Dülmen, and the LTESM-C in Poland enhance deployment timelines, and deterrence capabilities, and offer additional combat power for contingency operations.

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