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Geopolitics (Smartencyclopedia) 


About Us

Geopolitics (Smartencyclopedia) endeavors to become a primary source of journalism, analysis, and commentary on international relations, world politics and a wide range of issues of global importance. We feature the voices of promising academics, policymakers, and local writers from all over the globe. The Geopolitics was created by people who want to be informed and have a deep interest in a broad range of subjects, from history to economics, international development to global terrorism—and aim to make the magazine accessible to all.

Geopolitics – a scientific discipline with little more than a century, assumed primarily as the Spatial Dimension of Politics – is a vital instrument for understanding and explaining the complex reality that surrounds us.

The Geopolitics, launched in a partnership between the American Republic Research Center (ARRC), Pharos Strategic Intelligence Group (USA), The Beacon Think Tank, aims precisely at a deep understanding of the behaviors and interactions of Communities, States and Regions far beyond the “ foam of the days”.

In it, “quantum satis”, physical, human and economic geographies are combined with the “laws” of Geopolitics – in their various perspectives -, as well as History, Culture, Strategy, Political Science or International Relations, all under the serene, omnipresent and never neutral gaze of the geographical stage where people’s lives unfold.

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