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Smart Encyclopedia is organizing itself to facilitate the work of our collaborators. Our main English site now has a worldwide reach under the domain.

At the moment Smartencyclopedia is being managed in two different domains corresponding to the European zone and Worldwide:

European Zone:

Worldwide: HQ of the organization USA

The Smartencyclopedia organizes human knowledge in a way that allows a reader to learn information, not just for its own sake, but for its value to the world as a whole. The underlying goal of the encyclopedia is to promote knowledge that leads to happiness, well-being, and world peace.

The Smartencyclopedia is an ever-expanding body of knowledge that currently contains thousands of carefully selected articles.

The Smartencyclopedia is intended for use by teachers and students and people who are drawn to the ease of use of Wikipedia, but are concerned about quality, consistency, and core values. Smartencyclopedia combines the great benefits of open-source internet media with those of traditional and careful editorial supervision. Here we have the benefit of hyperlinks and greater detail found in online encyclopedias, combined with the traditional review of facts, grammar, and values.

This encyclopedia transcends the metaphysical assumptions of both the Enlightenment and Modern Encyclopedias.

A Free Online Encyclopedia

This encyclopedia is designed for the general reader and is available online and is free to all people with internet access. It is greatly indebted to Wikipedia pioneers. With the devotion of Smartencyclopedia editors and writers who use Wikipedia articles as the basis for their articles and work to improve them based on training and expertise in their respective subject areas, and compliance with strict writer guidelines for this project.

As what is called a Wikipedia fork, in keeping with the terms of the CC-by-sa license, the article version of each document imported from Wikipedia is documented, rigorously cited, and hyperlinked. Articles not initially obtained from Wikipedia have copyrights or licenses based on their particular situation.

Smartencyclopedia participates in the Google Adsense Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn commissions by linking to Google Adsense. That helps support Smartencyclopedia.

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