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Brussels presents 210 billion package to achieve independence from Russia
The Commission launches a €210 billion energy package until 2027 for the EU to be independent from Russian energy and proposes to redirect €300 billion in EU funds to finance it. The European Commission has presented an energy package of 210 billion euros until 2027 for the European Union (EU)
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EU and US show willingness to join in trade against China and Russia
The European Union (EU) and the United States took advantage of new informal trade talks today in Saclay, near Paris, to show their willingness to unite in the face of China and Russia. US and EU administration officials, meeting within the framework of the Trade and Technology Council (TTC), underlined
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What are the ‘energy islands’, a revolutionary project against European dependence on Russian gas
In the icy waters of the North Sea, Denmark looks for an alternative to keep warm in its harsh winters. And, also, to end its dependence on gas from Russia — a country that has been receiving sanctions from Europe because of the war in Ukraine. The government of the
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USA pledges investments of 150 million in Asia-Pacific
The United States on Thursday announced investments worth US$150 million in Southeast Asia, in projects ranging from energy to combating illegal fishing. The announcement was made within the framework of the summit with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which continues this Friday. The administration of Joe Biden, US
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Employment grows in April in the United States
A further 428,000 jobs were registered in the United States in April. The unemployment rate remained at 3.6% and wages rose by 0.3%. Employment grew again in the United States in April, with 428,000 more people with work (corresponding to non-farm jobs), according to data released this Friday by the
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Europe responds to Moscow: “We will become independent of Russian energy once and for all”
Europe’s response to Russia’s decision to cut off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria will be “immediate, united and coordinated”, guarantees Ursula von der Leyen. Within hours, Europe responded to Russia’s decision to cut off natural gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria, a move taken in retaliation for sanctions imposed
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Russia suspends gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria
Russia has suspended natural gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria. Gas deliveries through the Yamal-Europe pipeline have come to a halt, data from the European Union network of gas transmission operators shows. Gazprom, the Russian gas giant, told the Polish state gas company, PGNiG, that gas would stop flowing. It
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Moody’s considers Russia to be in “default”
The April 4 payment of bonds in rubles instead of dollars is seen as a default, as it “changes the payment terms of the original contracts”, the agency says. Moody’s believes that Russia defaulted as it paid off two sovereign bonds in rubles instead of dollars on April 4th, which
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The Kremlin warns European embargo on Russian oil will ‘hit everyone’
Photo by © Reuters The Kremlin warned today that a European embargo on Russian oil imports will seriously damage Europe’s energy balance and will “hit everyone” as the European Union considers the possibility of further sanctions against Moscow. In fact, as we know, the issue of the oil supply embargo
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Fed raises rates for the first time since 2018, starts a new cycle in the US
The Fed raised interest rates for the first time since 2018 to stem the price spike. There are six more climbs coming this year. President Powell admits he can be more aggressive if fighting inflation demands it. As was widely expected, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) raised benchmark interest rates
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