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Investigators discover new specimen from the Age of Dinosaurs
Researchers from China and Canada have discovered a new large ichthyosaur, called Baisesaurus robustus, from southwest China, thus extending the known geographic range of this group. We tell you more here! Ichthyosaurs are a group of successful Mesozoic marine reptiles that have a worldwide distribution, but their evolutionary origin is
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Neolithic made us taller and more intelligent but more prone to heart disease
How modern European populations have evolved over the past 50,000 years After the Neolithic, European populations showed an increase in height and intelligence, reduced skin pigmentation and increased risk of cardiovascular disease due to genetic changes that lowered concentrations of ‘good’ HDL cholesterol. The changes reflect ongoing evolutionary processes in
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T. rex’s short arms may have lowered risk of bites during feeding frenzies
The unusually short arms of the world’s fiercest predator may have shrunk to get out of the way. Extinct for 66 million years, T. rex still inspires speculation about its anatomy, behavior and fierce physique. One conundrum: its peculiarly short forelimbs, which have relatively limited mobility. While scientists have suggested
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Treasure of the San José galleon creates confusion in Colombia
British warships sank the San José galleon more than 300 years ago when it was loaded with around 200 tons of gold, silver, and jewelry – a treasure estimated at around $17 billion today – destined for France, which was then an ally. with the Spanish royal court. The naval
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Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance Ship Discovered Off Antarctica, Over a Century After Sinking
Explorer said the ship is intact on the seabed, “in a fantastic state of conservation”. “You can even read the name of the Endurance inscribed in an arch at the stern,” he said, adding that the ship was discovered about six kilometers from the wreck site. “We are thrilled to
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Dinosaur skeleton 10 meters long found in the UK
Palaeontologists working on the Ichthyosaur skeleton found at Rutland Water August 26 2021 Matthew Power Photography 07969 088655 [email protected] @mpowerphoto A team of paleontologists has discovered the largest and most complete ichthyosaur skeleton ever found in the UK in the Rutland Water Nature Reserve. It is a dinosaur of
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