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The Geopolitics World

index of key topics to study geopolitics today:

  1. Geopolitical Theories and Concepts
  2. Global Powers and Regions
    • United States: Foreign policy, alliances, and influence
    • China: Belt and Road Initiative, South China Sea, and global ambitions
    • Russia: Expansionism, Eurasian integration, and foreign policy
    • European Union: Integration, Brexit, and regional dynamics
    • Middle East: Conflict zones, oil politics, and regional powers
    • Asia-Pacific: Security alliances, economic integration, and maritime disputes
  3. Security and Conflict
    • Terrorism, extremism, and state security measures
    • Cybersecurity and digital geopolitics
    • Nuclear proliferation and arms control
    • Humanitarian crises and international responses
  4. Economic Geopolitics
    • Trade agreements and economic blocs
    • Energy geopolitics: Oil, gas, and renewable resources
    • Globalization and its impact on geopolitics
  5. Emerging Trends and Challenges
    • Climate change and environmental geopolitics
    • Technological innovation and geopolitical implications
    • Geoeconomics: Economic statecraft and sanctions
    • Migration, refugees, and demographic shifts
  6. Diplomacy and Multilateralism
    • International organizations: UN, NATO, WTO, etc.
    • Soft power, public diplomacy, and cultural influence
    • Crisis diplomacy and conflict resolution
  7. Case Studies and Contemporary Issues
    • Ukraine-Russia conflict and implications for Eastern Europe
    • South China Sea disputes and regional security concerns
    • Iran nuclear deal and Middle East stability
    • Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on global geopolitics


recently added articles
Chinese president calls for “fairer and more rational” international order
  Chinese President Xi Jinping today called for a “fairer and more rational” international order at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Uzbekistan. Leaders should “work together to promote an international order that moves in a more just and rational direction,” Xi stressed. Created in 2001, SCO brings together
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Ukraine: Six months of a war that changed the world
In addition to death and destruction on a scale yet to be determined, the war that broke out on February 24 has disrupted the world distribution of grain, of which Ukraine and Russia are major producers, raising fears of a global food crisis. The war has also exposed many countries’
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NATO warns Russia: installation of hypersonic missiles in Kaliningrad does not reduce tensions
NATO has warned Russia that the deployment of fighter jets armed with hypersonic missiles to the Kaliningrad enclave does not help to reduce geopolitical tensions and assured that it will defend “every centimeter of allied territory”. A NATO spokesperson explained to the Europa Press news agency that Kaliningrad is a
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Europe’s rush for natural gas could cause energy crisis, analysts warn
Russian oil embargoes have boosted demand for liquefied natural gas, a source of energy primarily imported by Asia since 2010. Europe’s struggle to find alternatives to Russia’s natural gas is pushing the world to the brink of a winter power shortage, with the worst effects likely to be felt in
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Kazakhstan considers Putin’s “Greater Eurasia” project viable
The President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev indicated this Thursday that he considers it possible to implement the ‘Greater Eurasia’ mega-project proposed years ago by his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, on strengthening cooperation between several ex-Soviet economies with China. The Greater Eurasian megaproject deserves a detailed discussion. Sooner or later it
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Tensions between China and Taiwan: Here’s what you need to know
U.S. President Joe Biden’s warning that the U.S. would defend Taiwan against Chinese aggression made headlines around the world — and put the growing tensions between the tiny democratic island and its neighboring autocratic superpower under the spotlight. Less than a decade ago, ties appeared to be rekindling as the
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Brussels presents 210 billion package to achieve independence from Russia
The Commission launches a €210 billion energy package until 2027 for the EU to be independent from Russian energy and proposes to redirect €300 billion in EU funds to finance it. The European Commission has presented an energy package of 210 billion euros until 2027 for the European Union (EU)
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World economy risks breaking up into geopolitical blocs, warns IMF chief economist
The Russian invasion has provoked a “tectonic shift” warns Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas, the IMF’s new chief economist. The creation of distinct “geopolitical blocks” could redesign globalization. The Russian invasion of Ukraine caused a “tectonic shift” in the global order that could lead “to a greater permanent fragmentation of the world economy
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Moldova summons Russian ambassador after general’s statements
Moldova today summoned the Russian ambassador to protest against statements by a Russian general saying Moscow intends to control southern Ukraine to gain access to a Moldovan breakaway region. Moldova expressed “deep concern” to the ambassador over the statements made by Russian general Rustam Minnekaiev, the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign
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US threatens to retaliate if Beijing installs military base in Solomon Islands
The United States has warned the Solomon Islands that it will retaliate if China installs a “permanent military presence” in that Pacific archipelago after signing a controversial security agreement, the White House said Friday. A high-level US delegation that visited the Solomon Islands explained to local leaders that if Beijing
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