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Tensions between China and Taiwan: Here’s what you need to know
U.S. President Joe Biden’s warning that the U.S. would defend Taiwan against Chinese aggression made headlines around the world — and put the growing tensions between the tiny democratic island and its neighboring autocratic superpower under the spotlight. Less than a decade ago, ties appeared to be rekindling as the
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Putin’s departure from power “is being discussed in the Kremlin corridors”
Vladimir Putin’s departure from power “is being discussed behind the backstage” at the Kremlin, reports Meduza, a Latvia-based Russian investigative outlet. Meduza cites sources close to the Kremlin who point out that the Russian president is the focus of dissatisfaction among those who are for and against the war in
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Why the United States Can’t Change Gun Law
A special mechanism and a decades-old lobby make it difficult to change a law that many have been calling for for years. The year 2022 is not yet halfway and there have already been at least 40 shootings in elementary schools in the United States. The number of deaths rose
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UVALDE , TEXAS :15 killed in school shooting; gunman dead
UVALDE, Texas — An 18-year-old gunman opened fire Tuesday at a Texas elementary school, killing 14 children, one teacher and injuring others, Gov. Greg Abbott said, and the gunman was dead. It was the deadliest shooting at a U.S. grade school since the shocking attack at Sandy Hook Elementary in
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The US is Reactivating the 11th Airborne Division
This month, the US Chief of Staff of the Army and Secretary of the Army announced to the senate that the army plans to reactivate the 11th Airborne Division in Alaska. There are currently two major units in the state: the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team and the 4th Infantry Brigade
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M777 Howitzer : Ukraine already uses the most powerful weapon sent by the West
M777 Howitzer was sent by the United States, which believes the weapon can change the course of the war The United States sent to Ukraine 90 weapons of the Howitzer M777 type, a howitzer (a kind of cannon) to fire projectiles. The dispatch of this weapon had already been made
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The global economy on the edge of a precipice
IMF says the global economy faces “its biggest test” since World War II. In Davos, the future is debated. Crisis after crisis, the global economy is being pushed to the edge of a precipice. On the day that the first in-person World Economic Forum since 2020 opens in Davos, Switzerland,
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Russian neo-Nazis are fighting in Ukraine, say German spy services
A confidential report by the German spy services (BND in the original acronym) notes the presence of neo-Nazi groups that are fighting in Ukraine supporting the Russian military, namely the Russian Imperial League and the Rusich group, according to Der Spiegel magazine. The report was sent to several ministries last
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Russian attack on Donbass is ‘the biggest on European soil since WWII’, says Ukraine
Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said Russia’s offensive on Donbass was “the biggest on European soil since the Second World War”. In a post on Twitter, Kuleba said it was “too early” to conclude that Kyiv already has all the weapons it needs to defend itself against the Russian offensive
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Subaru conducts first flight of UH-2 helicopter
Japan’s Subaru Corporation has conducted the first flight of its new UH-2 twin-engined multirole helicopter that is entering service with the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF), a company spokesperson told Janes on 23 May. The helicopter, flown by a company test pilot, conducted a 30-minute hovering flight on 19 May from Subaru’s
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