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“In addition to the thematic content, we seek information to complement in all the sites so that you have everything in the palm of your hand.Remember this site is made in the image of its creator.The search for information to increase your knowledge”

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recently added articles
Analytics vs. Character: Exploring the Interplay of Data and Ethics
By José Carlos Palma* In today’s data-driven world, the realms of analytics and character occupy unique positions in our personal and professional lives. Analytics empowers us with the ability to extract valuable insights from vast amounts of data, while character reflects our moral and ethical qualities. This article delves deeper
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AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) radar technology
By José Carlos Palma* AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) radar technology has emerged as a game-changer in the field of radar systems, revolutionizing the capabilities of military and commercial aircraft. With its advanced electronic beam steering and scanning capabilities, AESA radars offer numerous advantages over traditional mechanically scanned radars. At
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Enhancing the Capabilities of B-52 Bombers: The Integration of AESA Radar
By José Carlos Palma* In an era of rapid technological advancements, maintaining the combat effectiveness of military aircraft is crucial for modern defense forces. The integration of Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar technology on B-52 bombers represents a significant milestone in upgrading these legendary aircraft. This article delves deep
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Russia Army forces in Ukraine have crossed the borders into Russia, engaging in combat to protect Belgorod
By Smartencyclopedia Newsroom* According to Ilya Ponomarev, a Russian politician in exile claiming to represent a group of fighters, Russian combatants who serve in the Ukrainian Armed Forces have entered Shebekino, a town in Russia’s Belgorod region. Ponomarev stated that they have brought along significant military equipment. This information was
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Mossad agents planned surveillance of Russian oligarchs in Italy, local media reports
By Smartencyclopedia Newsroom* Mossad operatives and their Italian colleagues were interested in Russians residing in the area and involved in the sale of Iranian UAVs to Russia when their boat capsized. Reports in Italy on Thursday, claim the presence of Israeli Mossad and Italian intelligence agents on Lake Maggiore where
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Unlocking the Potential of EU-India Relations: The ‘China Factor’
By José Carlos Palma* The evolving dynamics between China, the European Union (EU), and India have shaped their respective strategic calculations and influenced their bilateral relationships. As China asserts its global influence, the EU and India are increasingly recognizing the need to forge closer ties to balance China’s growing power.
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Mike Pence is set to challenge Donald Trump for the US presidency as he officially announces his campaign launch
By Smartencyclopedia Newsroom* Mike Pence’s campaign is expected to lean heavily on town halls and retail stops aimed at showcasing his personality Mike Pence is set to rival Donald Trump for the presidency of the United States when he declares his bid for the White House next week. Pence, who
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The crew of the US RC-135 aircraft was rattled when a Chinese J-16 fighter jet flew dangerously close to it
By Smartencyclopedia Newsroom * The incident that happened on May 26 over the South China Sea Amid brewing tensions between China and the US, the US Air Force released a video on Tuesday showing a Chinese fighter cutting dangerously close to a US spy plane, causing the latter to fly
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German police conduct nationwide raids against Daesh suspects
By Smartencyclopedia Newsroom * German police carried out nationwide raids on Wednesday morning targeting a network providing support to Daesh/ISIS terror group, authorities said. At least seven suspects were arrested in coordinated raids across the country, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement. The suspects belong to an international
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Two oil refineries attacked by drones in Russia’s Krasnodar region
By Smartencyclopedia Newsroom with Agencies* The Afipsky oil refinery in Russia’s Krasnodar region was attacked by drones on Tuesday night, according to Governor Veniamin Kondratyev. “Fire on the territory of the Afipsky oil refinery in the Seversky District. One of the oil fuel distillation units is on fire. The blaze has been
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