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Drought on the River Rhine worries France and Germany
The drought is causing the water level of the River Rhine to continue to decline, a situation that worries not only France but also Germany, which fears possible economic impacts. Roberto Spranzi, the owner of Deutsche Transport-Genossenschaft Binnenschifffahrt, a maritime cooperative, said the normal water level is “over two meters”.
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China’s population is expected to start to decline before 2025
The number of births in 2021 is the lowest in decades in several provinces. China’s population is expected to begin to decline before 2025, reveals the Chinese newspaper Global Times, which points out that the 2021 birthrate data, released by 29 provinces and regions in China, showed that the number
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Lithuania responds to Russian threats
The Lithuanian president guarantees that the country is expecting some kind of Russian retaliation in response to the blockade of the traffic of certain products through its territory that were destined for Kaliningrad, as was foreseen in the last package of sanctions of the European Union. However, the Lithuanian official
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Democrats and Republicans announce agreement to regulate access to weapons
Democratic and Republican senators will announce this Sunday in Washington that they will reach a minimum agreement to improve the regulation of access to firearms. Negotiators of the two political formations will announce the creation of a bipartisan structure in response to mass shootings in the past, a small advance
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COVID 19: WHO says lab accident theory should be investigated
The World Health Organization (WHO) recommended an in-depth investigation into the hypothesis that Covid-19 originated in a laboratory accident, a year after it considered the possibility “extremely unlikely”. This stance denotes a possible revision of the UN agency’s initial assessment of the origins of the pandemic and comes after critics
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Malaysia announces end to death penalty for various crimes
Malaysian Justice Minister Wan Junaidi said the government is considering alternative punishments for 11 crimes so far punishable by capital punishment in order to reform the Penal Code. Malaysia announced this Friday the abolition of the death penalty, until now it was automatically applied to several crimes, including drug trafficking
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Nuclear: Iran shuts down two UN body surveillance cameras
According to Iranian state television, the cameras monitored one of the structures involved in the nuclear program and the uranium enrichment process. Iran turned off two surveillance cameras of the United Nations body that monitored one of the structures involved in the Iranian nuclear program and the uranium enrichment process,
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Despite the censorship, there are reports in Russia of growing discontent and opposition to the war
Families of Russians killed on the cruiser Moskva are threatened with losing their state pension if they speak publicly about the ship’s sinking. And there is increasing criticism of the lack of training given to new recruits, some of whom were sent to the battlefront. The Institute for the Study
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Merkel tried “a ‘modus vivendi'”, but knew that Putin wanted to “destroy Europe”
For Merkel, the Kremlin made a “catastrophic mistake” with the invasion of Ukraine, “a brutal attack, which violates international law and has no excuse”. The former chancellor says it was necessary to try the diplomatic route with Moscow and says she has a clear conscience. Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel
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Iran is weeks away from being able to obtain a nuclear weapon
It is time to make decisions regarding Iran. On the first day of the meeting of officials from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), in Vienna, only one very specific fact was mentioned: Tehran will already have in its possession around 3,800 kilos of enriched uranium, more than enough to
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Blinken marks 100 days of war in Ukraine by asking Putin to end the conflict
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken marked Russia’s 100-day war in Ukraine by asking Vladimir Putin to “immediately end the conflict”. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday marked Russia’s 100-day war in Ukraine by asking Russian President Vladimir Putin to “immediately cease the conflict, suffering and global unrest
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Russian forces control almost 20% of Ukrainian territory
Zelensky admitted that “about 20% of our territory is under the control of the occupiers, almost 125,000 square kilometers” but that the Ukrainian army continues to fight for defense. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky admitted this Thursday that Russia controls about 20% of Ukraine’s territory, or about 125,000 square kilometers, in
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