United Kingdom Armed Forces
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United Kingdom Military Order of Battle

British Army

Royal Navy

  • Fleets
    • Surface Fleet
    • Submarine Service
  • Carrier Strike Group
    • HMS Queen Elizabeth
    • Type 45 Destroyers
    • Type 23 Frigates
  • Submarines
    • Vanguard-class (SSBN)
    • Astute-class (SSN)

Royal Air Force

  • Groups
    • Air Command
    • Combat Air Force
    • ISTAR
    • Air Mobility
  • Squadrons
    • Typhoon Squadrons
    • F-35B Squadrons
    • Voyager KC2/3

Royal Marines

  • Brigades
    • 3 Commando Brigade
    • Commando Units
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The Royal Marines: Elite Elements and Their Role in Modern Warfare
Photo:40 Commando Royal Marines Conducting Strikes During Exercise Green Dragon 24-05-2021 (CREDIT MOD) By Robert Barnes* The Royal Marines, an integral part of the United Kingdom’s naval services, have long been recognized for their versatility and proficiency in amphibious warfare. While they are not classified as special forces in the
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Surplus UK C-130Js Find New Homes, Lockheed Martin Announces at ILA 2024
By The Smartencyclopedia Staff Writer with Agencies Berlin, June 5, 2024 — The UK has successfully sold its retired Lockheed Martin C-130J/C-130J-30 Hercules airlifters, according to an announcement by the manufacturer at the ILA Berlin Air Show 2024. Larry Gallogly, Director of Customer Requirements for Air Mobility and Maritime Missions
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Retiring UK Army Chief Warns of Need for Nationwide Preparedness for Potential World War III
By The Smartencyclopedia Staff Writer with Agencies PORTSMOUTH, UK — In a stark warning delivered during the 80th-anniversary commemoration of the D-Day invasion, the outgoing head of the British Army, Sir Patrick Sanders, emphasized the urgent need for the UK to prepare for a military confrontation on the scale of
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The UK’s Challenge in Manufacturing Affordable Military Helicopters
By Robert Barnes* The United Kingdom, renowned for its aerospace industry and rich history in aircraft development, faces significant challenges in manufacturing a fleet of cost-effective military helicopters. The reasons behind this are multifaceted, involving historical decisions, economic considerations, and strategic priorities. In the past, the UK was heavily involved in
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Comparing the Nuclear Arsenals of the UK and France: A Detailed Analysis
By Robert Barnes* When examining the nuclear capabilities of the United Kingdom and France, we find that the UK possesses 225 nuclear weapons, while France has 290. However, these numbers only scratch the surface of a complex and nuanced military strategy that reflects decades of geopolitical tensions and historical contexts.
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Allied Strength Across Waters: NATO Forces Conduct Wet Gap Crossing in Poland
Photo By Capt. Michael Mastrangelo | The Warrior, a British armored vehicle, crosses the Drawa River on an Improved Ribbon Bridge during DEFENDER 24 at Drawsko Combat Training Center, Poland, May 16, 2024. The high concentration of waterways and water obstacles in the European region have led to the demand for wet
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‘MI6 Agent’ Arrested at Yorkshire Spy Base with Arsenal of Weapons
RAF Menwith Hill, near Harrogate (Image: Christopher Furlong/Getty) By The Smartencyclopedia Staff & Agencies A bizarre incident unfolded at the RAF Menwith Hill spy base in Yorkshire when a man claiming to be an MI6 agent attempted to gain entry armed with a menacing array of weapons, a court has heard.
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US and UK Conduct Joint Strikes on Houthi Targets in Yemen Amid Escalating Red Sea Ship Attacks
By The Smartencyclopedia Staff & Agencies The United States and the United Kingdom have carried out a joint military operation, targeting more than a dozen Houthi sites in Yemen. The move comes in response to the increased attacks by the Yemeni rebel group on ships in the Red Sea, protesting
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Royal Navy HMS Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier to Middle East Amid Rising Tensions
London, United Kingdom — In response to heightened tensions in the Middle East, the Royal Navy has received government approval to dispatch the £3.5 billion aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, to the region. The move comes as the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist group has threatened increased “self-defense” attacks on US and
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US Plans to Store Nuclear Weapons in the UK Amid Rising Russian Threat
Photo: F15 Eagle RAF Lakenheath July 2009  By The Smartencyclopedia Staff & Agencies January 27, 2024 In response to the growing threat from Russia, the United States is reportedly considering storing nuclear weapons in the UK for the first time in 15 years. The weapons, said to be three times
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