Bridge collapses in city where Biden will present infrastructure plan
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Several people were injured this Friday following the collapse of a snow-covered road bridge in Pittsburgh, the city in Pennsylvania where US President Joe Biden will present the country’s main infrastructure projects.

Several drivers and vehicles, including a passenger bus, were stranded at the scene of the incident, according to photos posted on social media.

Three injured were transported to the hospital, according to the emergency services of the city, the second-largest in the state of Pennsylvania (east), after Philadelphia.

The local press reports that at least a dozen people were injured.

Biden was, however, informed about the bridge’s collapse and White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki assured that the US president will stick to the agenda despite the incident.

According to the program released by the White House, this Friday afternoon Biden will deliver a speech on the strategy developed to “strengthen the country’s supply chains, reinvigorate the industrial sector, create well-paying jobs protected by unions and build a new America, through the Infrastructure Act”, supported by Democrats and Republicans.

Source: with agencies

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