US Intelligence Report Reveals Russia’s Staggering Losses in Ukraine War: Nearly 90% of Troops Decimated
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By The Smartencyclopedia Staff 

In a recently declassified intelligence report, the United States has assessed that Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine has resulted in catastrophic losses, with nearly 90% of its troops either killed or injured since the conflict’s onset. According to the report, Russia has suffered 315,000 casualties among its personnel, dealing a significant blow to its military capabilities.

The assessment, which began with Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, revealed that Moscow deployed approximately 360,000 personnel at the start of the conflict. Shockingly, 315,000 of these soldiers have now been reported dead or injured, highlighting the immense toll the war has taken on Russia’s military forces.

The losses incurred by Russia extend beyond human casualties. The report indicates that Moscow has also faced setbacks in terms of armored vehicles, with the Ukrainian military inflicting substantial damage. The impact on Russia’s military modernization efforts is staggering, setting it back by 18 years, according to the declassified intelligence report.

Russian officials have consistently disputed Western estimates of casualties, asserting that the figures are exaggerated and fail to accurately represent Ukrainian losses. Despite these claims, the scale of Russia’s losses has forced the nation to implement drastic measures to sustain its military operations in Ukraine.

One notable consequence is the loosening of recruitment standards for deployment in Ukraine. Faced with a dwindling pool of eligible personnel, Russia has declared a partial mobilization of 300,000 individuals, relaxing standards to allow the recruitment of convicts and older civilians.

The report underscores the dire situation by revealing that Russia, which initiated the war with 3,100 tanks, has lost a staggering 2,200 of them in the conflict. In an attempt to compensate for these losses, Moscow has resorted to deploying outdated T62 tanks produced in the 1970s, further compromising the effectiveness of its armored forces. The report estimates that Russia now has a mere 1,300 tanks remaining on the battlefield.

Earlier this year, a New York Times report cited US officials estimating the Ukrainian death toll at close to 70,000. A report from the Ukrainian journal Tyzhden suggested that 24,500 Ukrainian combat and non-combat deaths were documented, with indications that the actual figure could be higher.

As the conflict continues, the shocking revelations in the US intelligence report provide a sobering assessment of the toll exacted on Russia’s military capabilities and the human cost of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

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